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If you’re looking for an experienced business consultant, look no further than Garduño Tax & Associates. We have years of experience serving Brownsville and South Texas. Our lead consultant is qualified and certified to develop solutions to help you with your business objectives. 

Garduño Tax & Associates can bring a unique blend of small business experience to help you solve critical issues you are facing in your business. In a dynamic business environment making decisions solely based on gut instincts, without due regard for data driven analytics, is a recipe for disaster. We have many years’ experience in developing data driven financial management processes and strategies to help support success thorough all stages of a business life cycle. We’ve guided many businesses, helping them realize maximum growth and profit potential.

Contact the professionals at Garduño Tax & Associates at: (956) 542-2245 for a free consultation.


Our business consultant has the experience and the skills to help you achieve your financial goals.


Licensed by the IRS to officially represent and resolve all of his clients tax and financial issues.

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There's many different entity structures, we work with you to find the one that will work best for you. 


We discuss the pros and cons of all entities. We also discuss how personal liability works when starting a business.


Finally, we explain the importance of incorporating and protecting your personal assets from your business assets.

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